Meeting with Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) – Kabli’s good fortune

Meeting with Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.) – Kabli’s good fortune

Translated from the book Madinatul Ma-ajiz (City of Miracles )

Muhammed bin Shazan narrates that, I got to meet  Kabli with Abu Saeed Hindi.  He said that in Injeel (Bible)  I had read about the truthfulness of Islam and became a muslim. Thereafter  I went in search of Imam Zaman(a.s.) in different cities, but no-where I could find about His whereabouts. Then I came to Madina-Munawwara and to whom so ever  I mentioned about Imam Zamana (a.s.), he belittled me.

Then one day, I met Yahya bin Mohammed Arizi and I asked him about Imam Zaman(a.s.) and

he answered :  The one whom you are searching is in Syria.

Hearing this I went to Syria and reached the footsteps of a house that had a covering . I laid myself at the doorstep. One black faced slave came and informed me not to lie down here and to get up from here and go to some other place.

I said that I will not go to any place from here. After this the slave went inside the house and then asked me to enter inside.


When I entered inside the house, I saw that Imam(a.s) was sitting in the middle of the house. When He saw me, He called me by that name which only my close relatives used to call me with. Then he informed me of various things.

Before leaving, I said to Him that my provisions for the travel are over. You (a.s.) please give me something.

You (a.s.) replied : I will give you provisions of the journey, however since you have told a lie, these provisions will be wasted by you.

Thereafter He gave me the provisions and then these were wasted by me. Next year again I went to that place but found no one there.

( Kamaal–ud-Deen : Pg. 439; Tabsarah Al Wali : Pg. 69 – 70 )

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