Meeting with Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s) – Incident of Man from Qashan

Meeting with Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s) – Incident of Man from Qashan

Some natives of Najaf Ashraf narrated to me that a man of Qashan set out for Hajj and when he reached Najaf Ashraf, he was struck by a severe illness and his legs developed gangrene. His co-travelers left him in charge of a nice man who lived in a room of the school in the holy shrine courtyard and they continued their journey.The man used to lock him in the room everyday and leave in search for Durre Najaf stones in the desert.

One day that Qashani said to that man: I am fed up with this room, please take me out and make me sit somewhere and then you can go on your way.

He agreed to this and carried me to the place of Qaim (a.s.), which was on the outskirts of Najaf Ashraf. He washed his shirt in a pool of water and left it to dry on a bush, while he set out towards the desert. I sat there thinking what the future held for me.

Just then I noticed a wheat complexion handsome youth enter the courtyard and he greeted me and after that he entered the building of Imam Qaim (a.s.). He prayed a few units of prayers with perfect attention and then he came back to me and asked about my well being.I said: I am involved in such a disease that neither it is cured nor I die so that I may get rid of it.

He said: Don’t worry, the Almighty Allah will give you both.

When he went away I saw that the shirt, which was put out to be dried had fallen down and was soiled. I got up with a reflex action and picked it up; then I washed it once more and again spread it out on the bush to dry. The realization suddenly struck me as to how I had managed to get up as if nothing was wrong. I realized that he was Imam Qaim (a.s.) and I ran out of the place, but could see no one there.

After sometime my host returned from the desert and was astonished to find my illness cured. When I narrated the whole incident, he also regretted not being able to meet the Imam and after that we returned to our lodging.

People say that he remained in health till his associates returned. When they returned and he saw them, he again fell ill and passed away and he was buried in that courtyard. In this way what the Imam (a.s.) has said came to be true that he would get both the things. The incident became famous and the most trusted residents of that area have narrated it to me.

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