Necessity of Divine Guide In Every Era

Necessity of Divine Guide In Every Era

In continuation of our series of articles, today we will see the proof presented by Imam Jafer Sadiq (a.s)( also called as Aba Abdillah) to a zindiq (a word used for a atheist, dualist or free-thinker).

A zindiq came to the 6th Imam and inquired,

‘How do you prove (the position of) the prophets and the Divine messengers?’,

Imam (a.s.) answered:

“Since it is established for us that there is One Creator for us Who is far above us, and also far above all that has been created, and that He is the All-wise, the Most High and the One Who cannot possibly be seen or sensed by His creatures such that there could be any direct relationship between Him and His creatures or His creatures and Him, and so that He could argue with His creatures (to convince them) and His creatures could argue with Him (in their turn), it is (therefore) proved that there are envoys (mab‘ũthīn) to establish a relation between Him and His creatures, to explain His purpose to His creatures and slaves, and to guide them towards what is good and profitable for them, and also towards that which preserves their existence and which, when it is abandoned, brings annihilation. Thus it is established that there are those among His creatures who command and forbid on behalf of the All-knowing, the All-wise, and who speak on behalf of Him, to Whom belong Might and Majesty. They are the prophets, the selected among His creatures, the wise who teach wisdom, and who were sent with wisdom (for His creatures). Although they have their form in common with (other) creatures, their states they do not share with them. They have been aided with wisdom by the All-wise, the All-knowing. This is established for all eras and all times, according to the evidence and proofs which the prophets and messengers have brought with them, so that the earth of Allãh should not be devoid of a Divine Proof who has with him the evidence for the truth of what he says and (who requires) obedience to his just commands.”

Reference : Usul Kaafi, Volume 2( The Book Of Divine Proof), Part 1, H. 1.

Hence we see from above argument that a Divine Proof is necessary in every era who will guide mankind. In this era it is Imam Mahdi (May Allah Hasten His Reappearance).