Praying For Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s) – Doubts

Praying For Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s) – Doubts

(Ref : Mikyalul Makarim  Vol 1.)

Doubt 1:

It is possible some people may doubt that since the Imam of the Time is the medium of bounties reaching to the creatures, he is needless and self-sufficient of the people, on the basis of this what is the need of people to pray for him?

We shall reply to this doubt in the following manner :
  • Our prayers for Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s) is like a humble gift of a lowly person to a man of great stature. There is no doubt that it indicates that this poor man is in need of the bestowals of that great man and it would be in keeping with the manner of slaves in relation to the masters. How aptly it is said:
On the Day of Eid an ant gave a present to Suleiman
A leg of a locust that it held in its mouth.
In its beautiful voice it said:
The gift is according to the status of the giver.

  • Imam Jafer Sadiq(a.s.) said :

“The Almighty Allah sent a revelation to Ibrahim that a son would be born to him. He (Ibrahim) conveyed this to Lady Sarah. Sarah said: Would I give birth to a child. while I have become an old woman? Then the Almighty Allah revealed to Ibrahim that: She(Sarah) would give birth to a child and her children would be subject to divine punishment due to her doubt in My statement.”

Then Imam said :

“When chastisement and calamities increased on Bani Israel, they lamented and supplicated  in the court of Almighty for forty days, then the Almighty Allah sent a revelation to Moosa and Haroon to deliver Bani Israel and he advanced this by 170 years.”

Doubt 2 :

It is possible that one may have the feeling that there is some contradiction in the traditions that emphasize praying for early reappearance and deliverance of the Master of the Time and those traditions that prohibit asking for an early re-appearance. Haste that is prohibited is of three types:

  • That haste which would cause despair and hopelessness from the re-appearance of Qaim (a.s.) because the person due to impatience and haste would say: If re-appearance has to happen, it would happen now: and by its being delayed, it will instigate the person to deny the Master of the Time.
  • That urging which would be against submission to command of Allah and being satisfied with what He has decreed and commanded.
  • Haste that could lead to following deviated persons, misleading people and innovation making satans, who before the appearance of inevitable signs that the Infallible Imams (a.s.) have mentioned, they go out to deceive people and they also manage to get followers among gullible people. (Refer Post : False Claimants)

Since the reappearance of His Eminence, the Master of the Time is a matter that by the will of Allah is possible to be advanced and it is also having innumerable advantages, every believer that has faith considers it incumbent upon himself to pray that Allah makes reappearance to occur at its earliest possible date which is in its best interest. At the same time he should observe patience and submission till that time arrives.

We summarize this post by the following supplication received through the respected Uthman bin Saeed Amri as follows:

Then give us patience on this till I do not like the hastening of what You have delayed or that I be inclined to the delay of that which You want to hasten. And that I do not ask the exposition of what You have concealed. And search for that which You have concealed. Or that I should be dissatisfied with what You have decreed. And I should not say why and how the hidden Imam is not reappearing while the world is fraught with injusice and oppression?

(Kamaluddin, Vol 2)