Signs of Reappearance and awaiting the Promised Mahdi (a.s.)

Signs of Reappearance and awaiting the Promised Mahdi (a.s.)

When the conditions are indicative of signs before the arrival of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s), it is necessary for us to know purpose behind the traditional reports of such signs. The purpose of these signs is that we become more eager in awaiting him. This eager awaiting will make us alert and we will proactively reform ourselves so as to present ourselves before him anticipating his imminent arrival.

Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) declares:

أفْضَلُ العِبادةِ انتِظارُ الفَرَجْ.

‘The best worship is awaiting the reappearance.

(Kamaluddin, chapter 6)

Similar tradition is narrated from Imam Sajjad (as) also.

It is also narrated from Imam Sadiq (as) that he said:

“Fortunate are the Shias of our Qaim who during the period of his occultation wait for his reappearance and who obey him during the period of his reappearance. They are Awliya of Allah for whom there shall be neither fear nor grief.”

( Mikyalul Makarim, V.2,part 8, sub part 5,

Our fourth Imam, Imam Sajjad(as) says to his companion Abu Khalid e Kabuli thus:

“O Abu Khalid, during this period of occultation, those who believe in his Imamate and who await for his reappearance, they shall be better than the people of all times because Allah, the Mighty and Sublime would bestow them intelligence, understanding and recognition and for them occultation would be same as presence. Their status shall be like that of the holy warriors who fought under the command of the Messenger of Allah (S). It is they who are sincere and our true Shias. They shall call the people to the religion of Allah openly and secretly.”

( Mikyalul Makarim, V.2,part 8, sub part 5,

Thus awaiting and preparing for the reappearance is much glorified in traditional reports. The signs indicative of the reappearance thus make a believer more eager for reappearance. It makes him work harder to prepare himself for welcoming the Imam.

The purpose of these signs is not to start predicting dates of his reappearance. Though his reappearance is certain, there is no date fixed from the side of Allah for his reappearance. We have been specifically prohibited from fixing dates of the reappearance of Hazrat Mahdi (a.t.f.s)

Mufaddal asked Imam Sadiq (as) whether he would not appoint a time for it(reappearance)? Imam (as) said,

“O Mufaddal! Never predict a time for all this because one who does it has claimed partnership in the knowledge of Allah and he has falsely claimed that Allah has informed about His secrets.”

(Mikyalul Makarim, V.2, Duties in Gaybat, Duties 69 and 70)

Muhammad Ibne Muslim is quoted in Ghaibat Nomani that Imam Sadiq (as) said, “O Muhammad! If anyone quotes us with regard to the prediction of the time (of reappearance), falsify him at once because we do not inform anyone of the appointed hour.”

(Mikyalul Makarim, V.2, Duties in Gaybat, Duties 69 and 70)

In fact one who predicts such dates has been called a liar and condemned in traditions.

Imam Baqir(as) repeats thrice:

کَذَبَ الْوَقَّاتُونَ کَذَبَ الْوَقَّاتُونَ کَذَبَ الْوَقَّاتُونَ.

One who fixes a time (for reappearance) is lying, One who fixes a time (for reappearance) is lying, One who fixes a time (for reappearance) is lying.


Mahzum e Asadi asked Imam Sadiq(as), about the reappearance of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s). Imam Sadiq(as) replied:

کَذَبَ الْوَقَّاتُونَ وَ هَلَکَ الْمُسْتَعْجِلُونَ وَ نَجَا الْمُسَلِّمُونَ وَ إِلَیْنَا یَصِیرُونَ.

Those who fix the time(for arrival of Imam Mahdi(as)) are liars. Those who are overly seeking its hastening will be destroyed while the believers (those who submit) will get salvation. Ultimately they will come to us.

(Behar ul Anwar, V.52, p.103, Hadith no.7)

Perhaps this is so because the exact time of reappearance is among the secrets of Allah.

In an epistle to Janab Ishaq ibe Yaqoob, Imam Mahdi(a.t.f.s) himself writes that:

“As for Faraj, it is in the hand of the Almighty.”

(Mikyalul Makarim, V.2, Duties in Gaybat, Duties 69 and 70)

Evidently one shouldn’t involve oneself in issues which are beyond ones purview. Secondly getting involved in predicting dates will divert one from the main purpose which is to prepare oneself for the great event of reappearance.

Reappearance will be all of a sudden. Let’s make efforts in reforming ourselves so that we may become acceptable to Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s).

Let’s prepare. It shouldn’t happen that He(atfs) reappears and we are caught off guard.

Of course we want to be amongst His helpers and not amongst those who are not with Him.

May the Almighty help us in our endeavours to become such that our less efforts and lowly personality is acceptable to our loving father Hazrat Mahdi (a.t.f.s). Only He is source of Deliverance and Delight.