Epistles (Tawqeeaat) of Imam Mahdi (atfs) – Part 1

Epistles (Tawqeeaat) of Imam Mahdi (atfs) – Part 1


On the commands of Allah, Hazrat Vali-e-Asr is in occultation right from the commencement of his Imamat. Hence as opposed to his forefathers (a.s.), Imam’s meetings with his Shias have been few and far between. By and large, the problems of the people have been presented before his esteemed self in the form of letters and “Areeza” (“Areeza” is a letter of requests written by the Shias to the Imam of their time). And Imam (a.s.) too has reciprocated in a similar manner. The letters of Imam-e-Zaman (a.s.) are terminologically called as “Tawqee“. These Tawqees have been assimilated in several books. Hazrat Ayatullah Syed Hasan Shirazi (may Allah purify his soul) has compiled these letters in a book by the name of “Kalemat-ul-Imam al-Mahdi“. This single book contains all the letters of Imam (a.s.) which are found in different books. Originally the book was written in Arabic.  Dr.  Syed  Hasan Sabzawari has translated this book into Persian by the same name. The answers to the questions mentioned below, have been given by Imam (a.s.) himself. These replies have been compiled from various letters that were sent to him (a.s.) in the course of his Ghaibat. To that extent the letters of Imam (a.s.) constitute “half a meeting” with him, and the same is being presented in your service. We pray to Allah that this endeavour is accepted by our pure Imam (a.s.) We look forward to that day when we can present to you an interview conducted by personally meeting Imam (a.s.). Inshallah.


Below are given 54 Tawqeeaat of Imam Mahdi (atfs) which are collected by Shaikh Sadooq (ra) in his book “KAMAALUDDIN WA TAMAMUN NE’MAH”


1 – Narrated to us Muzaffar bin Ja’far bin Muzaffar Alawi (r.a.): Narrated to me Ja’far bin Muhammad bin Masud and Haider bin Muhammad bin? Samarqandi that they said: Narrated to us Abi Nadhr Muhammad bin Masud: Narrated to us Adam bin Muhammad Balkhi: Narrated to us Ali bin Hasan Daqqaq and Ibrahim bin Muhammad that they said: We heard Ali bin Asim Kufi say:

“It has come in the epistles of the Master of the Age: Accurse, accursed is the one who utters my name in the gathering of people.”

2 – Narrated to us my father and Muhammad bin Hasan bin Ahmad bin Walid – May Allah be pleased with them – they said: Narrated to us Abdullah bin Ja’far Himyari: Narrated to me Muhammad bin Salih Hamadani that: I wrote to the Master of the Time (a.s.):

“The people of my family harass me about the tradition that is narrated from your forefathers that: ‘Our people and our Shias are the worst creatures of Allah’? The Imam replied as follows: Woe be and you, have not seen that Allah, the Mighty and Sublime has said:

وَجَعَلْنَا بَيْنَهُمْ وَبَيْنَ الْقُرَى الَّتِي بَارَكْنَا فِيهَا قُرًى ظَاهِرَة

And We made between them and the towns which We had blessed (other) towns to be easily seen.1

And by Allah we are that ‘town’ which Allah has blessed and you are the ‘towns to be easily seen’.”

Abdullah bin Ja’far says that this tradition was narrated to us by Ali bin Muhammad Kulaini from Muhammad bin Salih from the Imam of the Age (a.s.).

3 – Narrated to us Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Ishaq Taliqani (r.a.): I heard Aba Ali Muhammad bin Hammam say: I heard Muhammad bin Uthman Amari (q.s.) say:

“An epistle was issued in a familiar handwriting that said: Curse of Allah on the one who utters my name in the gathering of people. Abu Ali Muhammad bin Hammam says: I wrote asking him when the reappearance will be? He replied: Those who fix the time of reappearance are liars.”

4 – Narrated to us Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Isaam Kulaini (r.a.): Narrated to us Muhammad bin Yaqoob Kulaini from Ishaq bin Yaqoob:

“I asked Muhammad bin Uthman Amari (r.a.) to write to the Imam a letter containing questions that were difficult for me. The Imam sent the following reply:

May Allah guide you, make you steadfast and keep you safe. As for what you asked me regarding some of your family and cousins and their denial about me, you should know that there is no proximity and relationship between Allah and anyone, and anyone who denies me is not from me and his path is like the path of Prophet Nuh’s son. And as for the path of my Uncle, Ja’far, it is like the path of Prophet Yusuf’s brothers.

As for “Fuqaa” (A drink prepared from barley extract) it is unlawful to drink it. And as for “Shilmaab” (A non-intoxicant drink and its use in the present age is common); it is not doubtful. And as for your property, till you do not purify it, do not use it. Then anyone who wants to send it to me and anyone who does not want to be separated from it, then what Allah has bestowed to us is better than what Allah has given you.

As for the reappearance and advent, it solely depends on the will of Allah and those who fix a time for it are liars.

As for the saying of those who think that Imam Husain (a.s.) has not been slain is a kind of disbelief, denial, deviation and misguidance.

But as for the problems which will occur in the future, you should refer to the narrators of our traditions for their verdicts as they are my proofs to you, and I am Allah’s proof to them.

As for Muhammad bin Uthman Amri, may Allah be pleased with him and his father, he is trustworthy and reliable one of mine and his writing is my writing.

As for Muhammad bin Ali bin Mahziyar Ahwazi, then very soon, Allah would reform his heart and remove his doubt.

As for the money that you sent for me is not acceptable to me, except that money which is pure. And the compensation for a singing girl is unlawful.

As for Muhammad bin Shazan bin Naeem, he is from the Shias of us, Ahlul Bayt (a.s.).

As for Abul Khattab Muhammad bin Ali Zainab Ajdaa, then he and all his associates are accursed and you do not cultivate the company of those who harbor their beliefs. And my forefathers and I are aloof from them.

As for those who are in possession of our funds, in a way that they consider it lawful for themselves and spend it, have in fact devoured (Hell) Fire.

As for Khums, it is lawful for our Shias till the time of reappearance, so far as their children are pure and not involved in sinful activities.

As for the funds that are sent to us and after which they fell into doubts and became regretful of having paid it to us, then anyone who wants we would return to him and we are not needful of the money of those who harbor doubt with regard to Allah.

As for the cause of occultation, the Almighty Allah has said:

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ لاَ تَسْأَلُو اْ عَنْ أَشْيَاء إِن تُبْدَ لَكُمْ تَسُؤْكُمْ

“O you who believe! Do not put questions about things which if declared to you may trouble you…”2

Each of my forefathers in his time was compelled by the oath of allegiance to the tyrant ruler and when I reappear I would not be having the allegiance of any tyrant on my neck.

As for how people would benefit from me during my occultation, it is like getting benefits from the sun, which is concealed by the clouds. And I am the security for the people on the face of the earth just as stars are security for the inhabitants of the heavens. Therefore do not ask what you are not in need of and do not put yourself into undue trouble. And pray more for an early reappearance as in it lies your success. Peace be on you, O Ishaq Ibne Yaqoob and peace be on all those who follow the guidance…”

5 -Narrated to us Muhammad bin Hasan bin Ahmad bin Walid (r.a.) from Saad bin Abdullah from Ali Ibne Muhammad ar-Raazi, famous as Kulaini that he said: Narrated to me Muhammad bin Shazan bin Nuaim Nishapuri that he said:

“An amount of 480 dirhams collected with me from the money that was supposed to be paid to His Eminence, Qaim (a.t.f.s.). So I did not like sending it without rounding off the amount (to 500). Therefore I added 20 dirhams of my

own and sent 500 dirhams to Muhammad bin Ja’far but I did not mention that 20 dirhams were from my side. Thus Muhammad bin Ja’far received acknowledgment from the Holy Hidden Imam (a.s.) that he sent to me in turn. It was written on the receipt: Received 500 dirhams of which 20 were your own.”

6 – Narrated to me my father: Narrated to us Saad bin Abdullah from Ishaq bin Yaqoob that he said: I heard Shaykh Amari (r.a.) say:

“I knew a man from the city with whom was an amount of money from the Imam’s share. When this amount was sent to the Imam, he returned it and stated: Take out the share of your cousins from this, which comes to 400 dirhams. The man was amazed on reading this. When calculations were made it was indeed found that the person was having some property of his cousins in his charge. He returned some of the property and retained some. ‘

Then he gave it away as Sadaqah. It was an amount of 400 dirhams as the Imam had mentioned. When that amount was removed and again the funds were sent to the Imam, he accepted them.”

7 – Narrated to me my father from Saad bin Abdullah from Ali bin Muhammad ar-Raazi: Narrated to me a group of our associates that:

“Once the Imam sent a slave to Abu Abdullah bin Junaid in Wasit and instructed him to sell him. He sold him and obtained the payment. But when he weighed the money he found that 18 Qirat3 was less. So he added 18 Qirat and some Ratti4 from his own money and sent it to the Imam. The Imam returned those 18 Qirat and some odd Ratti.”

8 – Narrated to us Muhammad bin Hasan (r.a.) from Saad bin Abdullah from Ali bin Muhammad ar-Raazi famous as Kulaini: Narrated to me Muhammad bin Jibraeel Ahwazi from Ibrahim and Muhammad Abnal Faraj from Muhammad bin Ibrahim bin Mahziyar that he reached Iraq in doubt and confusion and the following epistle was issued from the Imam:

“Tell Mahziyari that we have heard the things that you mentioned about your Master. Ask him, has he never heard the statement of Allah, the Mighty and Sublime:

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ أَطِيعُواْ اللّهَ وَأَطِيعُواْ الرَّسُولَ وَأُوْلِي الأَمْرِ مِنكُمْ

O you who believe! obey Allah and obey the Apostle and those in authority from among you.5

Is this authority till the Judgment Day for anyone else other than him who is concealed from your view? Allah, the Mighty and Sublime has endowed you with intellect so that you may contemplate and He has appointed signs so that you may obtain guidance from them from Adam to Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.).

When one sign disappeared another appeared like one star sets and another rises. Do you think that after Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) Allah, the Mighty and Sublime has not maintained any connection between Himself and the people? It is not so. The command of Allah shall continue to be effective till the Judgment Day and they shall continue to guide.

O Muhammad bin Ibrahim, don’t let doubt to enter your mind. Allah, the Mighty and Sublime never leaves His earth without His proof. Did not your father say before his demise: It is time for someone to calculate these dinars that I am having. When this matter was delayed and the Shaykh feared that he would die sooner, he told you to calculate the dinars and said that he would give you a bag. You had thirty bags and some pouches in front of you containing various amounts of dinars.

Then you calculated them and the Shaykh put his seal on it. You were also told to seal it with his ring. The Shaykh said: If I remain alive I would be more rightful for them and if I die you must fear the Almighty regarding myself and yourself. And after my separation you must mould yourself according to my desire.

May Allah have mercy on you. From the dinars I have given you from my account separate them and they are ten dinars, and repay the amount you have taken as more terrible times are going to come. And Allah is sufficient for us and the best of the helpers.

Muhammad bin Ibrahim says: I went to Askar to meet the Imam. I met a woman who said: Are you Muhammad bin Ibrahim? I said: Yes. She said: Go back now and come at night. The door will remain open for you. You enter and go to the room in which a lamp will be lighted. I did as directed. The door was open. I entered and moved to the room in which a lamp shone. I found myself between two graves. I began to weep. A voice said: O Muhammad, fear Allah and fulfill the duty of Wakala (Imam’s representation) as it is an important matter.”

9 – And narrated to us Muhammad bin Hasan bin Ahmad Walid (r.a.) from Saad bin Abdullah from Ali bin Muhammad ar-Raazi from Nasr bin Sabbah Balkhi that he said:

“There was a transcriber in Merv that al-Khuzistani had introduced him to me as Nasr. Gradually, one thousand dinars belonging to al-Nahiyya (for Imam) were deposited with him. He sought my advice. I said, “Send them to Hajiz.” He said, “You will be held responsible if Allah asks me about him on the Judgment Day.”

I said, “Yes.” I separated from him and then returned after two years. I saw him and asked him about the money. He said that he sent two hundred dinars to Hajiz, the receipt of which came to him along with a Dua for him. It had been written to him, “The asset was one thousand dinars, and you sent me two hundred dinars. If you would like to transact through anyone, do so through al-Asadi in Rayy.”

Nasr says: “After some time the news of al-Hajiz’s death came, which made me so very grievous and mournful. I said to him: He informed you of the receipt of the money and news of Hajiz’s death was relayed to you already.”

10 – Narrated to me my father: Narrated to us Saad bin Abdullah from Ali bin Muhammad ar-Raazi: Narrated to me Nasr bin Sabbah that he said:

“A man from Balkh sent five dinars to al-Hajiz and wrote a slip with his name on it. The receipt came with his name and the name of his forefathers and a Dua for him.”

11 – Narrated to me my father: Narrated to us Saad bin Abdullah from Abi Haamid Marghi from Muhammad bin Shazan bin Nuaim that he said:

“A man from the people of Balkh sent some funds as religious dues and a slip, which had a mark made with his finger saying, “As you go around”; but it had no writing. He said to the messenger, “Take these funds and whoever informs you of its story and gives an answer to the slip, give him these.” The man went to al-Askar and went to Ja’far and told him his story. Ja’far said to him, “Do you profess that a man may change his mind?”

The man said, “Yes.” Ja’far said, “Well, your friend has just changed his mind and orders you to give these funds to me.” The messenger said, “This does not satisfy me,” and left. He then went to visit our scholars. A letter came to him stating, “These are funds that have been the subject of a mishap. They were over a box. Thieves entered the house and took all that were in the box and these funds remained safe. A slip was put over them that had written in it, ‘as you go around’. You asked me for a Dua that Allah may do that to you and He did that to you.”

12 – Narrated to me my father: Narrated to us Saad bin Abdullah from Muhammad bin Sabbah that he said:

“I wrote a letter asking for Dua for Badashala, who had been imprisoned by Ibne Abdul Aziz. I also asked for permission to have a son from a concubine of mine. The answer came, “Sire from her and Allah will do what He desires and Allah will emancipate the prisoner.” I fathered an offspring from the concubine. She gave birth and then she died. The prisoner was released the same day the letter came.

Abu Ja’far said: A child was born for me. I wrote a letter and sought permission to cleanse him on the seventh or eighth day. He did not write anything back to me. The child died on the eighth day. Then I wrote a letter and informed him of his death. A letter came that said, “He will be replaced for you by another child and then another child.

Name him Ahmad and the one after Ahmad, Ja’far.” It happened as he had said. Another time, I married a woman in secret and when I copulated with her, she became pregnant, and gave birth to a daughter. That made me sorrowful and uneasy. I wrote a letter to him and complained. A letter came back that I should not grieve. My daughter lived for four years and then she died. Then a letter came that stated, “Allah has patience, while you were hasty.”

When the news of the death of Ibne Hilal, the accursed came, the Shaykh came to me and said, “Take out the bag you have.” I brought out the bag. He took out a letter for me that said, “As for the fake Sufi (that is Hilali), which I mentioned, may Allah cut his life short.” After his death, a letter came, “He targeted us and we bore patience on him. And Allah cut short his life because of our Dua.”

13 – Narrated to me my father: Narrated to us Saad bin Abdullah from Allan Kulaini from Hasan Ibne Fadl Yamani that he said:

“I set out to go to Surra Man Raa. A bag was sent to me, which had dinars and two garments in it. I returned them and said to myself, “Am I before them of this position?” Honor overwhelmed me. Then later I regretted and wrote a letter, apologizing and seeking forgiveness.

I went to a lone corner as I was talking to myself and was saying, “By Allah, if the bag is returned to me, I will not open it and will not spend it until I take it to my father, because he is more knowledgeable than me.”

The messenger who took it back from me and did not say anything and did not forbid me from doing so. A letter came to him, “You made a mistake by not telling him that many a time, we do this to our devotees, and many a time, they ask us for it with the purpose of seeking blessing from it.”

A letter came to me also, “You made a mistake by turning down our favor. When you sought forgiveness from Allah, Allah forgave you. And as it was your intention and determination not to do anything with it or to spend it in your way, we spent it on your behalf. As for the two garments, you must take them so you may do Ihram in them.”

I wrote with regard to the two matters and desired to write about a third, and then said to myself, perhaps he dislikes that. The answer came to me about the two matters, and the third matter, which I had concealed and had not written about it. He wrote, “You had asked for a fragrance.” He sent me a fragrance in a white wrap.

It was with me in the carriage. My camel ran away with it at Asfan and my carriage fell and all that I had with me scattered. I gathered the goods but lost the sac. I took much labor looking for it, so much so that one of our companions asked, “What are you looking for?”

A sac that was with me.” “What was in it?” “My expenses.” He said, “I saw the one who took it.” I kept looking for it until I lost hope. When I reached Mecca, I opened my luggage, and the first thing that appeared before me was the sac. It had been outside the carriage and had fallen down when everything had been scattered.

My heart became very anxious in Baghdad for my stay. I said to myself, “I fear I may not perform Hajj this year and do not return to my house.” I set to go to Abu Ja’far and ask him for the reply of my slip I had written.

He told me to go to a certain mosque. “A man who will inform you of what you need will come to you.” I went to that mosque and as I was there, suddenly a man came. As he looked at me, he greeted me and smiled and said, “Rejoice, you will go to Hajj this year and will return to your family, if Allah wills.”

I went to Ibne Wajna to ask him to rent a ride for me and find a colleague for me. I found him to be hesitant. Then I saw him after some days. He said, “I have been looking for you for some days. A letter has come to me to rent a ride for you and to find you a colleague.” Al-Hasan said that he encountered on that year ten signs, and All Praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

14 – Narrated to me my father: Narrated to us Saad bin Abdullah from Ali bin Muhammad Shamashati, messenger of Ja’far bin Ibrahim Yamani that he said:

“I was at Baghdad as the caravan of the Yemenis prepared to leave. I wrote to seek permission to leave with them. The answer came, “Do not go with them. There is no benefit for you in leaving. Stay at Kufa.” The caravan left and the tribe of the Handalas raided and looted them. I wrote and sought permission to go by the sea. The answer came, “Do not do that.” No ship sailed that year but that it was raided by the pirates.

I went to perform Ziarat of al-Askar. I was at the mosque when a servant came to me and said, “Come.” I asked, “Who am I and where am I going to?” He said, “You are Ali Ibn Muhammad the messenger of Ja’far Ibn Ibrahim al-Yamani. Come to the house.” This was while none of our friends knew about my arrival. I went to the house and sought permission to perform Ziarat from inside. I was granted permission.”

15 – Narrated to me my father: Narrated to us Saad bin Abdullah from Allan Kulaini from Aalam Misri from Abi Rajaa Misri that he said:

“Two years after the demise of Abi Muhammad (a.s.) I undertook a journey to search for his successor but I failed in my mission. In the third year while I was still seeking Abi Muhammad’s son in Medina, Abu Ghanim invited me to his house one evening. At that time, a thought crossed my mind that if at all there was any son of Imam (a.s.) then after three years he would definitely have made himself known.

Suddenly a voice reached my ears, ‘O Nasr bin Abde Rabb ask the people of Egypt whether they have seen the prophets (a.s.) in whom they believe?’ Nasr says: ‘Till then I was unaware of my father’s name as I was born in Madayn and Naufali had brought me to Egypt. Listening to this I got up. Instead of going to Abu Ghanim’s place I took the road to Egypt.”

He says: Two men from Egypt wrote about two sons of theirs. The answer same to one of them: O so-and-so Allah has rewarded you. And for the other there was a prayer as his son was dead.

16 – He said: And narrated to me Abu Muhammad Wajnai that he said:

“The order of the land became chaotic and mischief arose. I decided to stay in Baghdad for eighty days. The Shaykh came to me and said, “Return to your lands.” I left Baghdad while I disliked my departure.

As I reached Surra Man Raa, I desired to stay there, since I was hearing the news of anarchy in my lands. I set out and as I had not reached the house that the Shaykh saw me. He had a letter from my family with him; they were informing me of the calm of the lands and were asking me to come back.”

17 – Narrated to me my father: Narrated to us Saad bin Abdullah from Muhammad bin Harun that he said:

“I owed five hundred dinars to the Gharim (a.s.). One night I was in Baghdad and mighty winds were blowing and it was very dark. I felt extreme terror and thought about myself and said to myself, “I have these stores I have bought for five hundred and thirteen dinars. I set them aside for the Gharim (a.s.) for his five hundred dinars.” Later someone came to me and took the stores from me. I had not written anything about it before nor had I spoken to anyone.”

18 -Narrated to me my father: Narrated to us Saad bin Abdullah: Narrated to me Abul Qasim Ibne Abi Hulais that he said:

“I went to visit the tomb of al-Husain (a.s.) in the mid-Shaban. On one of the years, I went to al-Askar before Shaban and thought about not visiting the tomb in Shaban. When Shaban arrived, I said, “I will not abandon the Ziarat I have always been performing.” I went for the pilgrimage.

When I used to come to al-Askar, I would inform them through a letter or a slip. This time I said to Abul Qasim al-Hasan Ibn Abi Ahmad, the Representative, “Do not inform them of my arrival. I want it to be a sincere Ziarat.” Abul Qasim came to me smiling and said, “These two dinars have been sent to me and I have been told to give them to al-Hulaisi and to say to him, Whoever fulfills the order of Allah, Allah fulfills his need.” I became much sick in Surra Man Raa. My malady was so severe that I was worried and readied myself for dying. A medicine that was made of violet oil was sent to me. I was ordered to take it. I had not finished it that I had already recovered. Praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

“Someone who owed money to me died. I wrote a letter and sought permission to go to his heirs in Wasit. I said that I would go to them in the beginning of his days of demise, so perchance I will get my right. However, I was not given permission. When it was after two years, a letter came to me with my inquiry and ordered me to go to them. I went to them and they paid me my money.”

Abul Qasim says: Ibne Ramees sent ten dinars to Hajiz, which Hajiz forgot to deliver. A letter came to him, “You shall send the dinars of Ibne Ramees.”

Ibne Harun Ibne Musa Ibne Furat wrote a letter about a number of things. He inscribed with a pen that did not have ink, asking for Dua for two of his nephews who were in prison. The answer of his letter came and it included a Dua for the prisoners, mentioning them by their names.”

A man from the bondmen of Humaid wrote and asked for Dua for the baby his wife had conceived from him. The Dua came about the conception four months before the delivery, saying, “She will deliver a girl.” It happened as written in the letter.

Muhammad bin Muhammad Basri wrote and asked for a Dua for the sufficiency of his means for his daughters and that he may go to Hajj and that his funds be returned to him. His answer for what he asked came. He performed Hajj that year and four of his daughters died – he had a total of six – and his funds were returned to him.

Muhammad bin Yazdaz wrote, asking for Dua for his parents. The answer came, “May Allah forgive you and your parents and your deceased sister, Kalki.” She was a virtuous woman and had been married off in the neighborhood.

She had written that fifty dinars be sent for a group of believers, ten for my cousin, who was not a believer at all. She had put his name at the end of the letter, hinting her lack of desire for a prayer for him. The answer with respect to the believers came, “May Allah accept from them and may He do favors to them and reward you.” He had not prayed for my cousin.

He said: I also sent some dinars for a group of believers. A man who was called Muhammad bin Saeed also sent me some dinars, which I sent on the name of his father on purpose, because he himself did not have anything from the religion of Allah. The receipt came by the name “of the person whose name is Muhammad.”

He said: I carried on this year, in which I saw this sign, one thousand dinars, which Abu Ja’far had sent. Abul Husain Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Khalaf and Ishaq bin Ibne Junaid were with me. Abul Husain took on to carry the saddlebags to the houses. We rented three donkeys and when we reached al-Qatul, we did not find any donkey. I said to Abul Husain, “Take the saddlebags in which the money is and go with the caravan.

I will stay behind and look for a donkey for Ishaq bin Junaid to ride because he is an old man.” I rented a donkey and joined Abul Hasan at al-Hiyar, which is at the outskirts of Surra Man Raa. I was talking to him in the night and saying, “I praise Allah for what you are doing.” He said, “I would love if I remained with this task.” I reached Surra Man Raa and delivered what we were carrying.

The representative took it from me in my presence and placed it in a scarf and sent it with a black slave. When it was the afternoon, he brought me a light package. In the morning, Abul Qasim took a private moment with me and Abul Husain and Ishaq went ahead. Abul Qasim said, “The slave who carried the package brought me these dirhams and asked me to give them to the messenger who carried the package.”

I took the money from him and as I went out of the door of the house, before I speak and before he discovered there is something with me, Abul Husain said to me, “When I was with you at Hiyar, I wished that he sends me some dirhams for the sake of blessings.

Likewise, it was the first year when I was with you at Askar.” I said to him, “Take these, Allah has granted them to you. All praise belongs to Allah the Lord of the Worlds.”

He said: Muhammad bin Kashmard wrote a letter, seeking a Dua to have his son Ahmad from his concubine forgiven. The answer came, “As for the Saqari, may Allah have that forgiven for him.” The Imam let him know that his patronym was Abu Saqar.

And narrated to me Ali bin Qais from Ghanim Abi Saeed Hindi and group from Muhammad bin Muhammad Ashari from Ghanim that he said:

“I lived in a city of India called Kashmir and I was among the forty advisors of the king. I was one of the forty persons who sat around him in his court. We were scholars of Taurat, Injeel and Zaboor. Once there was a discussion among us with regard to Prophet Muhammad and we said that we have found him mentioned in our books. Thus it was decided that I should go and find him and ask him about the correct religion.

So I set out with some money. On the way I was robbed and I somehow managed to reach Kabul. From Kabul I moved to Balkh which was ruled by Ibne Abu Shoor. I went to him and told him about myself.

He summoned the scholars to have a discussion with me on Islam. So I asked them about Prophet Muhammad. They said that he was their Prophet and that he has passed away. So I asked them who his successor was.

They said: Abu Bakr. I told them to mention his lineage. They took his lineage upto the Quraish. I said: Then the person whose successor is Abu Bakr, was not a prophet because we have found in our books that his successor would be his cousin, the husband of his daughter and the father of his sons. All of them went to the king and said: This person has come out of polytheism and gone into disbelief. Therefore he must be executed. I said: I am following one religion and my aim is only to spread my knowledge.

So the king sent for Husain bin Askib and said: O Husain have a discussion with this man. Husain said: He has been surrounded by the scholars and jurists, how can I have a discussion with him? Take him aside and have a discussion with his as I have told you, and be lenient him. Thus Husain bin Askib took me aside and I asked him about Prophet Muhammad. He said: As the scholars have informed you, he was our Prophet. But his successor is his cousin, Ali Ibne Abi Talib (a.s.), the husband of his daughter, Fatima and the father of his sons, Hasan and Husain (a.s.).

I said: I testify that there is no god, except Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. He took me to the king and I declared my acceptance of Islam. Then I came with Husain bin Askib to his house.

He explained the teachings of Islam. I said: We have read in our books that there is a successor for every caliph. So who is the successor of Ali? He replied: Hasan, then Husain and then he mentioned each of the names till he reached the name of Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.) and then he said: Now you yourself search for the successor of Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.). So I set out to search for him.

Muhammad bin Muhammad said: And he came upto Baghdad with us. He told us that he had a friend who was helping him in this matter, but during the same time I became fed up with some of his habits and I separated from him.

He said: One day I was walking on the bridge in Baghdad in a contemplative mood when a man approached and said to me: Come to your master. He walked with me till he brought me to a house which had a garden. Suddenly I saw my master sitting there. When he saw me he spoke to me in Hindi and he greeted me. He addressed me by my name and asked about each of the forty persons separately.

Then he said: You are planning to go for Hajj this year with the people of Qom. Don’t go for Hajj this year. Go to Khurasan and perform the Hajj next year. Throwing a small pouch to me he said: You may use it for your expenses and don’t stay in anyone’s house in Baghdad. And don’t tell anyone what you have seen. We set out from Uqbah and our Hajj was not complete and Ghanim went to Khurasan and he performed the Hajj the following year.

Then he came to us kindly and did not enter Qom and neither did he go for Hajj. He went to Khurasan instead and died there. May Allah have mercy on him.

Muhammad bin Shazan from Kabuli that: I saw him with Abu Saeed, who remembered that I was in search of the true religion that I had found in Injeel and for which I had left Kabul. Muhammad bin Shazan said: I have received news that he has reached till here.

I continued to search for him till I found him and asked him about his story. He said that he was still in search. He settled down in Medina. Whomever he mentioned this ridiculed him. Till he met a Shaykh of Bani Hashim named Yahya bin Muhammad Areezi.

He said: The person you are looking for is in Sariya. He said: I came to Sariya and I went to a threshold that was sprayed with water. I felled myself at the place. A black servant emerged from the house and told me to go away from there. I said I would not go anywhere. At last he told me to come inside. When I entered I saw my master seated at the center of the house. He addressed me by name which no one knew except my people in Kabul. Then he informed me about a few things.

I said: My master, my livelihood is lost, please give me something. He said: It is lost because of your falsehood. Then he gave me rations and even though I had lost everything previously the rations Imam gave me lasted for me. Then I returned. But when I went there the next year I could not find anyone in the house.”

Continue in part 2 ……..

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