Pseudo Mahdi- Mohammad Qasim

Pseudo Mahdi- Mohammad Qasim

Mohammad Bin Qasim is a character in the Indian subcontinent whose followers claim him to be Imam Mahdi. In this article we delve into the details surrounding this individual. Our mission is to raise awareness about pseudo-Mahdi personalities and unravel the realities surrounding Mohammad Bin Qasim, ensuring that our audience is well-informed and equipped with the knowledge to distinguish genuine figures from misleading claims.


“Mohammad Qasim Bin Abdul Kareem, has gained attention in recent years for his claims of receiving dreams from Allah and Prophet Muhammad PBUH. These dreams have formed the basis of his online discourse and attracted a significant following, prompting discussions about faith, dreams, and spiritual experiences within certain communities.
“According to interviews and online pronouncements, Mohammad Qasim describes himself as a simple Muslim who began receiving spiritual dreams in his teenage years. These dreams, which he believes originate from Allah and Prophet Muhammad PBUH, depict visions of future events and messages for humanity.


His Dreams and so called Divine Messages

  • Claims to have received over 800 dreams since the age of 12, featuring Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) over 780 times.
  • Feels Allah’s presence and hears His voice but doesn’t see Him directly. Sees Prophet Muhammad’s body, but not His face (except once).
  • Interprets these dreams as divine messages urging him to spread light and unite the Ummah.
    He was seeing a girl in his dream he thought that Allah wanted him to get married to her.


Mission and Purpose

  • Feels chosen by Allah to lead the Ummah out of darkness and bring global peace, starting with Indian subcontinent.
  • Instructed to share his dream and messages with everyone, despite initial disbelief and rejection.


Key Messages

  • Emphasis on avoiding idol worship (shirk) and aligning actions with moral principles.
  • Belief in Allah’s promises and patience in awaiting their fulfilment.
  • Hope for a future of abundance, peace, and justice for all.


Transparency and Invitation

  • Admits to not being deeply religious before the dreams.
  • Encourages everyone to read his dream accounts and make their judgments.
  • Respect individual choices and avoid imposing beliefs.


The belief that Mohammad Qasim bin Abdul Karim is Imam Mahdi

The belief regarding Muhammad Qasim is Imam Mahdi is complex and controversial. Here’s what we know,

  • Claims by Muhammad Qasim: While Muhammad Qasim himself never proclaimed himself to be Imam Mahdi, he did make statements suggestive of special status, including claiming encounters with Allah and the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) in his dreams and predicting the rise of Dajjal and the world’s end.
  • Follower interpretations: Some individuals in the neighboring county might believe Mohammad Qasim bin Abdul Kareem is Imam Mahdi, however, it’s not accurate to say this is a widespread belief among any specific group.


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