False Claimant of Representatives of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s) – Muhammad Numairi (l.a.)

False Claimant of Representatives of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s) – Muhammad Numairi (l.a.)

(Reference : Behaarul Anwaar : Vol. 51, Ch: 22)

Says Ibne Nuh, Abu Nasr Hibatullah Ibne Muhammad said: Muhammad Ibne Nasir Numairi was from the companions of Abu Muhammad Hasan Ibne Ali (a.s.). And when Abu Muhammad was transferred to his eternal abode, Muhammad claimed the position of Abu Ja’far Muhammad Ibne Uthman, that is, he claimed that he was the deputy of the Imam of the Age. He claimed “Babiyya,” that is, to be a gateway to the Imam. Allah disgraced and humiliated him through the blasphemy and ignorance, which he manifested, and through the curse of Abu Ja’far Muhammad Ibne Uthman and his dislike and denunciation of him. He claimed this position after Shari.

Abu Talib Anbari says, When Muhammad Ibne Nasir manifested his heresies and blasphemies, Abu Ja’far (a.s.) took the oath of damnation against him and made his disdain for him known. Ibne Nasir heard that and came to Abu Ja’far to soften his heart and apologize. Abu Ja’far did not give him permission to enter, and barred and turned him away empty-handed. Saad Ibne Abdullah has said: Muhammad Ibne Nasir Numairi claimed that he was an apostle, a prophet and that Ali Ibne Muhammad (a.s.) had sent him. He believed in reincarnation and exaggerated about the position of Abul Hasan (a.s.) and deified him. He believed in the permissibility of marrying mahrams and same sex marriage.

He believed that sodomy was an act of humility and meekness and modesty on the part of the receiver and that it was an occasion of pleasure and delight for the doer, and that Allah does not disallow any of such things. Muhammad Ibne Musa Ibne Hasan Ibne Furat supported the authenticity of these reports. He narrated this to me on the authority of Muhammad Ibne Nasir Abu Zakariya Yahya Ibne Abdur Rahman Ibne Khaqan, that he clearly saw him with a boy over his back. He said: I met him and rebuked him for that. He said: “It is of the pleasures and humility for Allah and abstinence from arrogance.”Saad says, When Muhammad Ibne Nasir was inflicted by the malady in which he died, he was asked, “To whom does this order belong?” He said: as his tongue was heavy, weak, and stuttering, “Ahmad.” It was not known who this Ahmad was. His followers divided into three groups after him. One group said that it was his son Ahmad. Another maintained it was Ahmad Ibne Muhammad Ibne Musa Ibne Furat. And another group believed that it was Ahmad Ibne Abi Husain Ibne Bushr Ibne Yazid.

Their group disintegrated.One of them is Ahmad Ibne Hilal Karkhi. Abu Ali Ibne Humam said:Ahmad Ibne Hilal was from the companions of Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.).

The Shia were unanimous on the deputization of Abu Ja’far Muhammad Uthman (a.s.) on the account of clear instructions of Hasan (a.s.) during his lifetime. And when Hasan (a.s.) passed away, the Shia said to Ibne Hilal,“The congregation is with him. Will you not accept the leadership of Abu Ja’far Muhammad Ibne Uthman and refer to him, when the Must-be-Obeyed Imam has clearly assigned him as his representative?” He said to them, “I have not heard the Imam mentioning him as his representative. I do not deny the deputization of his father [meaning, Uthman Ibne Saeed], though.However, if I were certain that Abu Ja’far were the representative of the Master of the Age, I would not defy him.” They said: “If you have not heard, others have.” He said: “You follow what you have heard.” He did not profess the authority of Abu Ja’far, so the Shia beseeched damnation for him and manifested their disdain for him.

Then the holy letter came through Abul Qasim Ibne Ruh that took theoath of damnation against him and denounced him amongst the others who were dammed.