Question 7

What is the reason that whenever the name “Qa’im (a.s.)” is mentioned all Shi’as rise in respect?


It is a practice among the Shi’as that whenever the name “Qa’im (a.s.)” is pronounced in their gatherings, all of them stand up in reverence. Though this action is not established as an obligatory one, it is prevalent as a highly recommended act for expressing deference for the beloved Imam (a.t.f.s.).

Imam As-Sadiq (a.s.) was asked, “What is the reason for standing while mentioning the title al-Qa’im?” He (a.s.) replied:

“Sahib al-‘Amr (a.s.) will have a long occultation. Whenever he will be addressed by the title al-Qa’im, due to the intense love which his followers will have for him, they will remember his noble era and express sorrow at his present distress. Reciprocating this action, even Hazrat (a.t.f.s.) is benevolently attentive towards them. Since this condition results in receiving the attention of Imam (a.t.f.s), it is recommended to stand as a mark of respect for him and pray for his early reappearance.”1

In certain conditions, it becomes compulsory to stand. When either this title or any of his other titles are mentioned in a gathering and all the people stand up respectfully. In such a situation if someone does not rise, it would be equivalent to insulting him. Here, not rising will necessarily be forbidden.

Ayatullah Sayed Mahmood Taleqani (r.a.) says: “Perhaps this practice of standing is not just for the purpose of respect, as otherwise it would be necessary even on the mentioning of the names of Allah, the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) and the other Imams (a.s.). Standing is an indication of the preparedness and support for him in relation to the worldly resurgence… All oppression and difficulties started in the unpleasant era of the Ummayyad government. Thereafter, this (oppression) continued in the Crusades, the conquest of the Mongols and the suffocation under the colonial rule. They lorded over the people but finally became naught. But the religious government of true Islam will always remain powerful. It will be established by the true guides personified in the word Qa’im. By standing we demonstrate our eagerness for helping in its affair.”2


  1. Ilzamun Naasib, vol.1, p. 271
  2. Khurshid al-Maghrib, Muhammad Ridha’ Hakimi, p. 264

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