Imam Mahdi (a.s.) and the longevity – Part 1

Imam Mahdi (a.s.) and the longevity – Part 1


( A Series of 3 research articles on the Longevity of Imam Mahdi (atfs))


The 12th Imam and longevity

In our point of view the 12th Imam longevity isn’t a problem; it’s just a surprising subject.

The 12th Imam was born in Shaban 15th (256 AH) which is confirmed by all the Shia scientists and most Sunni scientists. This article checks this subject from Shia’s books by considering verses and traditions from Prophet Mohammad and also it’s considering this subject in aspect of science and wisdom.

According to traditions the advent of the 12th Imam will be in end of the world who develops justice in all over the world. He is the child of Imam Hasan Askari (as) ( the 11th Imam ) and was born in Shaban 15th ( 255 AH). This fact confirmed by all Shia and most Sunni scientists. The fact of this discussion is that God’s reserve has longevity till now. He has a longevity more than 1150 years.

Yes; in our point of view the 12th Imam longevity isn’t a problem; it’s just a surprising matter but Shia opponents see this surprising matter as a problem and exaggerate that till using his longevity as a reason for denying him.

The history of longevity

It’s a few more than 10 centuries went past after the first time of the 12th Imam longevity is called as a problem. From that day the opponents of Imamat always exacerbate the 12th Imam longevity.

The Shia scientists’ writing and works particularly can divide into two groups:

The first groups are the works which wrote before 370 AH.

The second groups are the works which wrote after the mention date.

In first groups there aren’t any impression of the 12th Imam life time was usual ( natural) till this time because there wasn’t any opposition in that time in public opinion.

The Basair Al darajat by Mohammad Ibn Hasan Safar Qummi ( death 290 AH.); Kafi by Sheikh Koleini ( death 329 AH.); Shahr Al Akhbar Fi Fazael Aimme Athaar by Ghazi Noman Ibn Mohammad Tamimi Maghrebi ( death 363 AH) and Al ghaybah book by Mohammad     Ibn Ebrahim Noamani ( known by Ibn Abi Zeinab ) who is Sheikh Koleini’s  best student. These are the writing of this period.

To be continued in part 2 …….

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