Longevity in History

Longevity in History


Another reality taken into account in examining longevity and its feasibility is human experience throughout history. This discussion is significant because some prophets with a prolonged life have been noted, and the possibility of longevity has also been underlined by natural laws. As to whether biologists and medical experts consider this possible or not remains a question.

If longevity has occurred in the course of human history, albeit in very few cases, its repetition will be a natural, rational, and acceptable phenomenon. Historical accounts which contain valuable material have been the main source of our information since we did not live in the past, nor have we experienced longevity.

People who have lived long lives are available in many historical accounts: Shi‘i scholars call them long-lived people (mu‘ammaroon). Moreover, historians have introduced them to us, and recorded and spoke of their names, lineages and tribes, their place of living, the number of their offspring, their journeys and even their words and wills.


Historical accounts demonstrate that:


  1. Luqman lived for 400 years
  2. Riyan, father of the king of Egypt, lived for 1,700 years
  3. The Prophet Adam lived for 930 or 1000 years
  4. The son of the prophet Andreas lived for 969 years
  5. Seth, son of Adam, lived for 912 or 940 years
  6. Anush, son of Seth, lived for 750 or 960 years
  7. Qeinan, son of Seth, lived for 920 years
  8. Mahl ’il lived for 800 or 960 years
  9. Mahl ’il’s mother lived for 960 years
  10. Shaddad, son of ‘cmir, lived for 900 years
  11. Jamshid lived for 850 years
  12. ‘Umar, son of ‘cmir, lived for 800 years
  13. Lamech lived for 777 or 790 years
  14. The Prophet Hud lived for 760 years 15. The Prophet Solomon lived for 712 years
  15. Egyptian king lived for 700 years
  16. Fereidun lived for 500 years
  17. Darid, son of Zaid, lived for 456 years
  18. ‘Amr, son of Hujjah Rumi, lived for 400 years
  19. Zuhair, son of Abdullah Kananah, lived for 420 years
  20. Pharaoh lived for 411 years
  21. Rabi‘, son of Saba‘, lived for 380 years
  22. Abdul-Masih Nasrani lived for 350 years
  23. Aktham, son of Safar Asadi, lived for 330 years
  24. The Prophet Jethro/Shu‘aib lived for 240 years
  25. Sirat, son of Sa‘id, lived for 220 years
  26. Safieddine Riyahi lived for 200 years…and so on


(For more information, see Shaikh Saduq, Kamal-ul-Din, p. 555-onward; Ali ibn Hussain Ma‘sudi, Murawwij-a-Dhahab, vol.1, p. 338-onward; Allameh Majlisi, Bihar-ul-Anwar, vol.51, pp. 227-286; Sayyid Muhammad Kazim Qazwini, Imam al-Mahdi, p. 276.)


With careful investigation of the historical sources, many others with exceedingly long lives have existed.




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