People who Claimed to be Imam Mahdi a.k.a Pseudo Mahdi/ False Claimants

People who Claimed to be Imam Mahdi a.k.a Pseudo Mahdi/ False Claimants

In our previous article we saw that the current world scenario is filled with fear, sadness, anger, oppression, greed, war, terror, poverty and injustice; The world requires a redeemer who will fill the world with justice and equality. Everyone is waiting for that redeemer and for muslims this redeemer is the Promised One mentioned in Quran, namely, Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s.). Taking advantage of this many people have risen in the past to claim the position of Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s).
In our earlier articles we have seen the history of few of those false claimants. In this article we will look at the consolidated the list of Pseudo Mahdi in the scrolls of history giving a brief account of each.


Mahdi Sudani

Among such well-known characters was Mahdi Sudani from the African continent.
Mahdi Sudani was born in 1848 at the Sudanese village of Dolga inhabited by people whose main occupation was building boats. He became the most well-known pseudo-Mahdi in Europe. His real name was Muhammad Ahmad and he assumed the title of Mahdi. By displaying excessive piety, he gained respect and honor at the age of twenty-two years.

 Mahdi Tahama
Mahdi Tahama was a native of Yemen and around the year 1159 A.D. he appeared and claimed that he was the Awaited Imam whose glad tidings were given by the Prophet (a.s). A group of Bedouins followed him and he annexed the Kingdom of Hamadani dynasty in Sanaa and Najjahi Kingdom in Zubaid. His grandson, Abdul Nabi took over the position of his grandfather in 1162 AD and continued the efforts of his predecessor. However, Turan Shah, on behalf of Salauddin Ayyubi destroyed his rule.

 Mahdi of Senegal
In 1828 A.D. a character appeared in Senegal and claimed to be the Awaited Mahdi. He took up the standard of revolt against the regime of that time but was defeated badly and executed.

 Abu Muhammad Hasan Shari 

A group of scholars narrated to us from Abu Muhammad Talakbari on the authority of Abu Ali Muhammad Ibne Himam, saying, Shari’s patronymic was Abu Muhammad. Harun said: I think his name was Hasan and he was from the companions of Abul Hasan Ali Ibne Muhammad and then after him from the companions of Hasan Ibne Ali.He is the first one who claimed a position that Allah did not assign to him and he was not qualified for it.

He blasphemed Allah and his Hujjas, peace be unto them, and attributed to them what is not worthy of them and they are disdainful thereof. The Shia cursed him and turned away from him with dislike.

 Muhammad bin Nasir Numairi 

Says Ibne Nuh, Abu Nasr Hibatullah Ibne Muhammad said: Muhammad Ibne Nasir Numairi was from the companions of Abu Muhammad Hasan Ibne Ali (a.s.). And when Abu Muhammad was transferred to his eternal abode, Muhammad claimed the position of Abu Ja’far Muhammad Ibne Uthman, that is, he claimed that he was the deputy of the Imam of the Age. He claimed “Babiyya,” that is, to be a gateway to the Imam. Allah disgraced and humiliated him through the blasphemy and ignorance, which he manifested, and through the curse of Abu Ja’far Muhammad Ibne Uthman and his dislike and denunciation of him. He claimed this position after Shari.


Mirza Ali Mohammed Shirazi, or the Bab, as he is famously known as, is one of the fraudulent and charlatan of recent time who claimed to Imam Mahdi(a.t.f.s). Recognized by the Baha’is as Bahaullah’s predecessor, he is that cheat who has caused many people to deviate from the true Islamic teachings by creating of a colorful picture of his own religion which has no substance when one explores it.

About 1,300 years after the advent of Islam, Bab claimed the divine position of Prophethood, albeit mixed with other claims of being the Bab (Gate) to the Twelfth Imam, a Prophet/Messenger and even God Himself. Irrespective of his claims, the Baha’is say that Bab abrogated Islam and foretold the coming of Bahaullah.

 Abu Tahir Muhammad Ibne Ali Ibne Bilal

His story and what happened between him and Abu Ja’far Muhammad Ibne Uthman Amari,may Allah lighten his visage, is well-known. He seized the assets of the Imam, which were in his hands and refused to deliver them, and claimed that he is the representative. The congregation turned away from him and beseeched damnation for him and the famous letter came from the Master of the Age (a.s.).

 Mahdi of Soos
Soos is a town in Western Arabia. In this place a man arose and claimed to be the Awaited Imam. A large number of people began to follow him but he was shot dead.

 Mahdi of Somalia
A person named Muhammad, the son of Abdullah Somalian claimed in 1899 A.H. to be the Awaited Imam. He had great influence in his tribe, Ujadin and he fought the British and Italian forces for almost 20 years and died in 1920 A.H.


All such claimants, first, attribute lies to the Imam and claim that they are his representatives, calling the weakling to believe in them through such pervert claims. Then they graduate up to the claims of self-deification. Thus we see that all these claimants are complete fraudsters and just want to satisfy their own egos and lustful desires of power. There is not an iota of truth in their claims.