Miracle – Blessing a Dumb person with speech

Miracle – Blessing a Dumb person with speech

Translated from the book Madinatul Ma-ajiz (City of Miracles )

Abu Abdullah bin Surah Qummi narrates as follows :

“In Ahwaz I met a person whose name was Sarwar, however I have forgotten his genealogy and he used to pray excessively and used to perform the Night Prayers.

That man narrated to  me that “In childhood I was deaf and dumb and remained in that condition for fourteen years. Then my father and uncle took me to Hussain bin Roh to seek his blessings. There they said to him to request Imam Zamana (a.s) that this boy starts speaking. Hussain bin Roh said that Imam Zamana (a.s) has ordered you that you take this boy to Karbala.

Hearing this, my father and uncle took me to Karbala. There we performed ghusl and did Ziarat. Then my father called me by saying : Sarwar!

My tongue opened up and I said Labbaik.

Then he asked : You have started speaking ?

I answered : Yes, the knots of my toungue have opened up and now I can speak.”
The narrator narrates that this person used to speak but never used to speak with a loud voice.

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