Al-Baladul Ameen

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That is a strong fort of the Almighty Allah, such that no one has any power on it according to the accomplished scholar, Mirza Muhammad Reza in Jannaatul Kholood.
1 Surah Hajj 22:45
2 Tafseer Qummi, vol. 2, p. 85
3 Under the topic of ‘clear water; will be mentioned a statement which
is appropriate for this place. From him. [The late author].
4 Secured city.
5 The author of Jannaatul Kholood is among the famous scholars. He was an influential and a knowledgeable personality. Shaykh Hurre Aameli has mentioned in Aamaalul Amal that the great chief. Sayyid Muhammad Reza Husaini, accomplished scholar, contemporary tradition scholar. Among his writings is Kashful Ayaat, which is extraordinary and his Tafseer Quran is very lengthy running into more than thirty volumes in Arabic and Persian.