The Mahdi (atfs) in the Torah

The Mahdi (atfs) in the Torah



The verses concerning the Redeemer have barely been mutilated and embezzled by the adversaries, among the holy scriptures of Judaism.

Some people have considered this action as a result of intense trend to the Redeemer issue, as ‘Harambam’ (Moshe Ben Meymun) one of the grandee and majors of Judaism says:

“Any Jew, who doesn’t believe in Massiahorantidates his arrival, actually controverts the remarks of Moses and other prophets of the Israelites. (1)

Some others though consider that neutrality and lack of nonintervention of these verses in Jewish rabbis’ and governors’ daily life is the main reason to their immunity against mutilation.

Some people believe that the factor which has kept them united during their whole mutable history is their faith in the arrival of the Redeemer, while some others consider this –relative immunity of the verses about End of the Time- as a divine miracle.

Whatever the reason would be, the conclusion is that we witness lots of phrases which appertain to the End of the Time, signs, and the Redeemer himself and even in some scriptures such as the Book of Psalms; one third of the book includes issues about End of the Time and signs of the Redeemer.

A number of these verses imply the arrival of prophet Jesus (PBUH) and corresponds to him very much. But analyzing the form and content of some antiquity verses, we encounter cases which incredibly and completely match with the issues concerning the Shia Redeemer, Imam Mahdi the Great (May God accelerate his arrival) in such case that there would be no doubt for any just human.

Among the quintet sections of Torah, in the Book of Genesis we have:

  1. “God inspired to Abraham and said: I grant this earth to thy seed (generation), all of this earth before thouwill be granted to thee and thy seed forever.”(2)

Verses such as this has caused some Jews to consider the whole earth as their patrimony and according to the Zionistic thoughts extracted from these verses, invasion to other lands is allowed.

And in another case, addressing Abraham (PBUH) we have:

  1. “I’ll extremely fecundate thou and make a large generation of thee; Kings will be born of thy seed. I will stabilize my vow between me, thou, and seed after thee which will live generation after generation for eternity.”

And in another phrase, God addressing Prophet Abraham calls him the father of nations:

  1. “From now on, thou are called Abraham, not Abram because I made thee the father of many nations.”(3)

In another verse God implies the large generation of Abraham (PBUH) as well as inheritance of the earth by the righteous at End of the Time.

  1. “Look to the sky, count the stars and thy seed will be as many if thou will. I took thee out of Chaldeans (Mesopotamia) to devise thee the earth.”(4)

As you can see, God vows the reign of the earth upon the seed of Abraham in the first verse and in the next verse introduces that vow between himself and Abraham (PBUH).

So what is the true vow between God the Eminent and Abraham? What did this holy Prophet requested from God? Granting the earth to his seed?

Indubitably the best way to answer this sort of questions is to look at the Holy Quran, for it has confirmed some of the foresaid cases and unveils a great secret, as confirming the third verse:

“I made thee the father of many nations.”

It says:

“…مله ابیکم ابراهیم و هو سمئکم المسلمین من قبل و فی هذا …”

“Follow the religion of thy father, Abraham; for thy God has called thee Muslims in previous scriptures and in this one as well.”(5)

But the most important point is in the fourth verse in which there is a word about a vow between God and Abraham (PBUH) and this issue has been answered surprisingly as we would read:

” و اذ ابتلی ابراهیم ربه بکلمت فاتمهن قال انی جاعلک لناس اماما قال و من ذریتی قال لا ینال عهدی الظالمین”

“And when Abraham’s God tested him with certain commands and he completely fulfilled them, God bid him: “I’ve made thee Imam and leader of mankind.” Abraham said: “Do the same about some of my seed and generation.” God bid: “Cruel people won’t attain my vow.”(6)

So in fact the vow between the Lord and Abraham is about some special individuals of Abraham’s (PBUH) seed who will be made Imams and which does not include cruel people. The reason of God’s answer to Abraham’s request to set Imams among his seed should be analyzed in this way:

Abraham had two sons, one of them was Isaac from his wife Sarah, and the other named Ismael from handmaiden called Hagar. The reason Abraham married Hagar was Sarah’s sterility but later God complied Sarah’s request and she gave birth to Isaac.

Jews consider themselves from Isaac’s lineage, for Isaac’s son’s title i.e. Jacob was Israel which means ‘God’s thrall’ so Israelites means Jacob’s sons.

Whilst, Jews don’t consider Ismael as the Abraham’s son who was the tool for the test (sacrifice); and believe that it was Isaac who reached such a rank.

On the other hand, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Imam Ali (PBUH), and the rest of Imams and also their generation are from Ismael’s lineage.

Now the question which is introduced here is that which group of Abraham’s seed loses the opportunity to be Imams –which in Quran is said to have higher rank than prophets– because of being cruel and so they won’t reach this rank? And the other thing is that you should not suffice this reason to discuss with Jews because it is originated from Quran. Therefore we search for the answer to this question in the verse 20 of chapter 17 of Book of Genesisin Torah; a verse which Illuminates the heart of every truth-seeking human with divine light and the enemies of Prophet Mohammad’s household (Peace be upon them) and their thought basis will shake like an aspen leaf:

“And about Ismael, I comply thy request, and now I may bless and fecundate him and 12 Imams will appear of his lineage and a large nation will be made of his seed.”

Yes, Abraham’s request to have Imams in his seed is answered in Torah itself in this way and more interesting point is that the word ‘Imam’ has been repeated 12 times in Holy Quran! Which truth-seeking human does not recognize the legitimacy of Shia with this reason?

Yes, God set his vow with Abraham and the answer to his request in Ismael’s seed and the point is that with using the phrase “…and a large nation will be made of his seed” it implies the Holy Islam for there are only a total of 14 million Jewish people around the world, while nation of Muslims with 1.5 billion followers has the most followers after Christianity and even if we consider the number of Shia population (About 200 million people) again we can see an obvious difference.

Isn’t it that God bid to Abraham:

“Look to the sky, count the stars and thy seed will be as many if thou will.”

Perhaps this Torah verse is the interpretation of the Kowsar Surah in Quran. Yes, the luminous word of Torah and Quran has the same origin and of course mentioning the legitimacy of Shia and Mahdi’s arrival does not merely belong to the book of Genesis in Torah for in other antiquity scriptures there are issues concerning the End of the Time which are exactly documented in Quran verses and Islamic narratives. For instance please note the following remarks:

“And a plant from Jesse’s (Prophet David’s father) family tree has emerged, a branch of his roots will bloom and God’s spirit will set upon him, he will judge the poor by justice and will truly rule the earth for the suffered people… Justice will be his belt and honesty is his cloak… Wolves will settle by lambs and panthers will live with goats and calves with lions shepherded by a young kid… There will be no harm and corruption all around my sacred kingdom, for the universe will be filled with wisdom.”(7)

So to speak Imam Mahdi’s matronymic reaches Simon Ben HammondSafa who is cousin of Saint Mary, Jesus’s (PBUH) motherand more interestingly both of them are from Prophet David’s generation. We have other mentioned cases in this verse exactly in Islamic narratives, e.g. Imam Hassan (PBUH) bids: “At the time of the arrival wilds will live together easily (

و التلسعت السباع


)and goats will not attack their race…

“Jehovah Saba Yout says: I will tremble the skies, the earth, water and land once again, I will tremble all nations and then the excellence of every nation will arrive… I will fill this house (world) with my glory.”(8)

“A great king who is standing for thy sons named ‘upstanding’ will arise… many of those who are dead will awake…”(9)

This Torah verse clearly implies Imam Mahdi’s title known as ‘Qaem’ which means ‘upstanding’ and in next the resurrection of the faithful at the time of the arrival is introduced. (Some phrases of the pray ‘Aahd’ (which is the equivalence of the word vow in Arabic): My Lord! If death, which is fated for all of the beings, separates me and him (Imam Mahdi), bring me back at the time of his arrival and take me out of my grave…)

“Those who lead many people in the path of justice (Mahdi’s companions), will shine like stars forever, but you Daniel, hide this word and seal it to the End of the Time for some will ‘haunt’ quickly.”(10)

“Good for those who await the arrivals.”(11)

افضل الاعمال انتظار الفرج

.(A Shia narrative: Awaiting the arrival is the best deed.)

“Kingdom, Glory, and spirituality is granted to him so that all nations and races with different languages serve him. His kingdom is eternal and endless, his spirituality will not end.”(12)

“From Prophet Habakkuk’s book: Await his arrival, even though he comes late for he will of course come and he won’t linger… But he will gather all nations and will assemble all races for himself.”(13)

In Ayun-Al-Akhbar vol. 1 Page 134 we read: Prophet Habakkuk who is buried in Tuyserkan town in Iran, was one of those who was strongly awaiting for Imam Mahdi’s Arrival and his continuous motto was ‘Peace be upon Mohammad and his successors and accelerate their arrival’. In his book which includes 3 volumes he clearly declares the salvation of the faithful and announces Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as the very last of the Prophets. Also Imam Reza (Ridha) (PBUH) asks Jaseliq, one of the Jewish majors in the Maamun’s council: Have u seen his words about the coming of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in Torah? He replied: Yes, and I admit it. So to speak, the holy body of this great Prophet and anticipant of Imam Mahdi (May God accelerate his arrival), was miraculously found safe and sound in his tomb after the digging of some Jewish people in the year 1993.

Perhaps we shall find the most implies about the arrival of Imam Mahdi and the End of the Time in the Holy Scripture of Prophet David, the Book of Psalms to the extent that among 150 parts of the book, about 35 –or as other narratives say 55 parts– are about the End of the Time. So it is not for nothing when God ‘the eminent’ implies the fate of the faithful at the End of the Time in Quran, he refers us to the Book of Psalms:

” و لقد کتبنا فی الزبور من بعد الذکر ان الارض یرثها عبادی الصالحون ”

“And indeed we wrote in the Book of Psalms following Torah that our righteous thralls will inherit the earth.”(14)

So there is no room for surprise if we look at the content of this verse in the Book of Psalms:

“The villains will be disrupted, but the anticipants of God’s command (arrival) will inherit the earth. After a while there will be no villain and duteous people will inherit the earth for eternity. God will confirm the righteous and cognizes their rights and it will be their rights forever. The generation of the villains will be disrupted forever and the righteous will inherit the earth and will live on it forever. His life will pass through the night nicely and his seed will be the heir.”(15)

“And he will judge thy nation by justice and will save thy poor breeds and will reproach the cruel. Righteous will flourish at his time and health will last forever and he will rule from sea to sea and water to furthermost of the world.” (16)

In ‘Behar-Al-Anvar written by AllamehMajlesi Vol. 35 Page 62 we read: After his arrival there will be no sicknesses (blindness, paralysis, and etc.) on the earth (everlasting health).

“All of the kings will bow before him and all nations will serve him. Because when a poor complaints, he will redeem and save their lives.”(17)

“His name will last forever like the sun, in him men will find bless and all tribes will call him blessed. May God bless him and his name forever and fill the earth with his glory.”(18)

“Await God’s command and stay strong for he will strengthen your heart… O thou people who await God’s command, keep on and stay on the path for he will legate you the earth.”(19)

“Nations will joy and celebrate for he will judge them by justice, then earth will grant its yield. The righteous will joy and become happy before God and they will be pleased.”

“And he will judge thy nation and poor by justice and will save thy poor breeds. Righteous will flourish at his time and health will last forever. There will be everlasting health.”

“He will rule from sea to sea and water to furthermost of the world. The abundance of cereal will reach the peaks of mountains. The residents of the cities will generate like grass and all beings will call him ‘happy’.”(20)

Implies to some of the signs of the End of the Time which also exist in some of the Shia narratives, refer to growth in population of urban areas rather than rural areas or increase in blessings and agricultural products after the arrival…

“He carries a two-tipped sword to take revenge from the cruel nations.”(21)

This phrase surprisingly refers to Zo-Al-Faqar (Two-tipped) Imam Ali’s (PBUH) sword which according to Shia narratives is held by Imam Mahdi.

Although God’s adversaries killed and murdered 11 of Abraham’s seed and oppressed the right of God and his thralls but the 12th of them i.e. Imam Mahdi (PBUH), who is God’s last storage, will set the flag of justice upon the whole universe.

What you dear readers recently read is just a straw that shows which way the wind blows, otherwise there are much more signs as such for the minds which are seeking the truth. God willing we will soon refer to the signs and legitimacy of Imam Mahdi in other religions.

May God accelerate the arrival of our master and lord Imam Mahdi, which is of course about to happen.


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